About us

Hello world!

We are Alina Aurora Naila and Freja Lærke Roneklint, two young and curious souls wanting to share our personal experience challenging ourself to keep exploring new ways of living in order to reach our highest potentiale and create a funny and playfull lifestyle.

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Alina Aurora, 23, Austria


loves wandering through the world, sharing smiles and talking about the universe and strawberry cakes

Alina grew up in a very creative and free spirit environment in Upper Austria where she was surrounded by art and nature ever since she was a child. She went to a music and theater high school and decided to focus on art afterwards. After five years of art school in Linz where she got very passionate about many different branches of art she moved to Vienna and spent three years on studying Art History at the University of Vienna. She worked at Albertina Museum Vienna and was involved in several projects along her study. At the moment she is preparing herself for admission exams for a theater school in Berlin.

combining art, art history and theater, playing, impulsive decisions, …



Freja Lærke, 21, Denmark

is a passionate …

Freja grew up on a theater school on a little island in the southern parts of Denmark surrounded by young crazy and creative people, and a dad who was a multiartist, she always knew