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Our Vision

life is an art form – you are a creator

One of our main realisations while setting up this blog was that life is all about playing, exploring and learning. We were sitting on an airplane coming back from our seven months trip hitchhiking and backpacking through Asia and got really excited about watching TED talks while being over the clouds. We found this one speech by Emilie Wapnick where she introduces the term ‘Multipotentialism’ and emphasises the fact that not all of us in life are specialists, but many of us are multipotentialists who live a great variety of passions. We both count ourselves to that and finally felt understood. If you have a minute, watch the full talk here:

What Emilie Wapnick emphasises in this talk is that it is okay to have several areas to be passionate about.

We see human beings as multipotentialists; a word that states that everybody has the capacity to develop in multiple ways. But way too often we find ourself stuck in life – hold back by our old habits or belief systems, we limit ourselves and by that our own life experience, and this is what we want to change one challenge at a time.

This whole topic of Multipotentialism led to an enormous discussion about happiness in life and possibilities to change bad habits.

and gave birth to the wonderful idea of creating this platform where we want to share all our experiences of experimenting with our higher potentials.

How many times did you look at your life and found yourself thinking of habits you always wanted to change or simple routines that might not be healthy for you ? How often did you end up bringing yourself down after looking at other people’s skills thinking you would never be able to reach that? That’s exactly where we want you to start questioning and breaking out of your usual thought process. Challenge yourself, move out of your comfort zone and let yourself surprise you how high your potential actually is!

We are human beings who want to expand and grow – this is where we satisfy o

Our vision is to reach our highest potential by challenging ourselves to keep exploring, expanding and creating new ways of living one challenge at a time!

We want to seek out happines by having fun with life, to make it into an art form – a playground from which we keep exploring our own human potential as the creator of our own life experience and reality. There is really nothing holding us back in life, other than our own limiting beliefs, fears and paralyzing selfdoubst, from truely moving in the direction of a happier existence, and the only way to break free from these limitations is to realize that life isn’t about the end result it is about the process.

In the video below Alan Watts and David Lindberg state that our universe is basically playful. It has no specific destination that it aims for and therefore we shouldn’t look at life in the anology of a journey, but instead see life as a dance or a musical play. The whole point of dancing is the dance! It isn’t about getting to a specific point in the room but instead about enjoying every movement while dancing. Therefor true happiness comes from a state of flow. The whole point of this life is just to see how beautiful it is to exist and to no matter what you do get into the flow of being.

We live in an infinite space of possibilities and happiness often comes from allowing  ourselves to get inspired and to move in the direction of what seems fun and playful. Happiness is a state of flow – it comes from stepping into the role as the creator that you were born to be, and to create the life you dream of. This is a goal and the way we want to reach this is to keep giving ourselves 30 days challenges that can help us to discover our true potential, to break our habits and negative patterns, and to have fun while we move through the dance of living.